About the Evil Cookie

Horror Anthologies with All the Guts n’ Gory

The Evil Cookie specializes in top notch horror anthologies within the sub-genre of Splatterpunk / Extreme Horror / Dark Humor. Each book will have a unique theme-based topic with stories from various kick ass authors.

There will be approximately two anthologies published per year. Details about general guidelines can be found at the link below.

The Splatter Club

The most demented book club online!

Mission: To promote, empower, and connect all those in the horror industry through professional development and interactive opportunities.

The Splatter Club began as an online book club for like-minded individuals, but after our first year, it was clear the club could do a lot help enhance the horror community. There is something for everyone- authors, artists, editors, filmmakers, musicians and fans.

Join in on the conversations!

Available Fall 2020


A literary genre characterized by the explicit description of horrific, violent, or sexual scenes.


Humor involving a twist making the joke horrid or harsh. Yet the joke is still funny.


Going to great or exaggerated [bloody, gory] lengths.


Easily offended you should not be. Strong stomach you should have.