BREWTALITY: Some call it courage in a bottle while others perceive it as the devil’s cocktail. Alcohol comes in all types, bringing along with it the temptation of sin, the eagerness of confusion and the psychological bombardment on the mind forcing us to play a game between life and death. 15 authors dive deep in the subconscious where the demons swim, blinding our judgment and guiding us to make horrific decisions.


Dustin LaValley & Edward Lee, Jeff Strand, Ryan Harding, Gerard Houarner, Armand Rosamilia, Christine Morgan, Jeremy Thompson, Stephen Kozeniewski, John Wayne Comunale, Robert Essig, Dev Jarrett, C.M. Saunders, Rachel Nussbaum, Bob Macumber

BLUDGEON TOOLS: Built to withstand any situation and endure whatever elements Mother Nature throws their way, Bludgeon Tools are built to last. Constructed for light weight swing ability, no job is too complicated and with a guaranteed splatter radius per pound, Bludgeon Tools is sure to put a wide grin on even the most sinister of faces. 13 authors put the tools to the test by placing them in various splatterpunk situations. The results are a toolbox full of grimy and gory stories guaranteed to leave a stain.


Brian Keene, Matt Shaw, Wrath James White, Kristopher Triana, Gregory L. Norris, Christine Morgan, Dustin LaValley, Stephen Kozeniewski, Wile E. Young, Jonathan Butcher, Sam Richard, Vic Kerry, Anton Cancre

WELCOME TO THE SPLATTER CLUB is thirteen stories of hyperintensive horror with no limits! Editor K. Trap Jones guides this initiation into our favorite genre of dark fiction: Splatterpunk.

The ceremony includes black magick curses, encounters of the fourth kind, and bizarre office politics. Story settings range from a dystopic United Kingdom down to the a convenience store stocking a very malicious product.


John McNee, KJ Moore, Robert Essig, C.M. Saunders, Brian Asman, Chandler Morrison, Nikki Noir, Joshua Rex, Airika Sneve, Paul Stansfield, Matthew Weber, Patrick Winters, Matthew Vaughn

Published by: Blood Bound Books