Ryan Harding

Ryan Harding is the author of Genital Grinder and the co-author of Header 3 (with Edward Lee), Pandemonium (Lucas Mangum), Reincarnage (Jason Taverner), and 1000 Severed Dicks (Matt Shaw).
His stories have appeared in anthologies including Into PainfreakThe Big Book of BlasphemyThe New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David CronenbergSplatterpunk Forever, and Past Indiscretions.
He is a three-time Splatterpunk Award winner (Best Novella with Header 3, Best Short Story with “The Seacreator” and “Angelbait”) and nominee (1000 Thousand Severed Dicks).
Upcoming projects include the sequel to Reincarnage, a new collection, a new splatter-western novella, and collaborations with Bryan Smith and Kristopher Triana.