——COMING FALL 2021——

After celebrating it’s one year anniversary in the publishing realm, The Evil Cookie put out an open call seeking those who celebrate everything that is gore. GOREFEST is forged from the following 14 authors, all who have dug deep into the disgusting bowels where gore dwells and resurfaced with the following stories to tell. Featuring Stephen Kozeniewski’s previously unpublished 2017 and 2019 KillerCon Gross-Out Contest Winning stories.


????? (TBA)
Wrath James White
Stephen Kozeniewski
Armand Rosamilia
Wesley Southard
Jay Wilburn
Jonathan Butcher
Jack Bantry & Robert Essig
Amy Grech
Patrick C. Harrison III
Donnie Goodman
Natasha Sinclair
Lucas Milliron
Daniel J. Volpe