The Evil Cookie Publishing presents Gorefest, an extreme horror anthology. 14 Authors carve their path through the muck and grime to celebrate the art of gore. The following stories grip and grind through a labyrinth of demented deception of unflinching and often humorous betrayals of society. The only thing for sure is that after each encounter…only the stain remains.

*Including the never before published—Stephen Kozeniewski’s 2x winning stories from 2016 & 2018 KillerCon’s Gross-Out Contests.


Wrath James White
Stephen Kozeniewski*
Armand Rosamilia
Wesley Southard
Jay Wilburn
Jonathan Butcher
Jack Bantry & Robert Essig
Amy Grech
Patrick C. Harrison III
Donnie Goodman
Natasha Sinclair
Lucas Milliron
Daniel J. Volpe

Editor’s Choice Edition only Available on Godless

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