Read everything below and if it all sounds good, then check for Open Calls…

Note: Additional guidelines will also be listed with each Submission Call such as specific pay rates, contract details, submission information, etc.

I absolutely love the mix of gore and dark humor within short stories. At the end of reading your submission, I should either be grossed out OR laughing my ass off OR both.

A few bullet points for you to gnaw on:

  • Short story length should be around 3,000 words. I like powerful, short stories that get to the point with minimum fluff.
  • No novelettes, novellas or novels.
  • Well written characters and dialogue. Please polish up your manuscript and do not send incomplete stories or pitches.
  • Don’t pass over the good, meaty stuff by writing something like “Steve hit him with the axe then left the room.” If you’re going to swing an axe, describe the gory details.
  • Gore and sex is great and all, but make sure to wrap it in a great story.
  • Things I don’t like: mainstream topics like vampires, zombies. Violence/sex towards children. Religious or political plots.
  • No reprints of any kind including previously published online.
  • I don’t care for the confusion that simultaneous submissions can potentially cause, so I’m going to say NO, but let me know if something comes up and your story needs to be withdrawn from consideration.
  • All stories should be 12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced and in either of the following file types: .DOC or .DOCX
  • Don’t copy your story within the email body.
  • All stories should be sent as attachments to the following email: . The subject line should read: “Submission: Title of Short Story by Author Name
  • You can include a brief bio in the body of the email if you want to break the ice. If I know you, don’t worry about it.
  • Responses of Acceptances or Rejections will usually be sent within a month, but could be longer depending on the size of the submission pile.
  • Contracts will be sent at a later date after acceptance. They will be standard for a short story (1-year exclusive rights, etc.)
  • I am very open and transparent, so if you have any questions, email me at:
  • Last, but certainly not least…I don’t like drama, so don’t be an asshole.

If this sounds good, then check for Open Calls…