General Guidelines

  • Short story length = MAX 3,000 words. (I like powerful, short stories that get to the point with minimum fluff.)
  • I LIKE GORE! I like my horror with a heavy dosage of splatter. The number reason for rejections is that nothing happens.
  • THINGS I DON’T LIKE: mainstream topics like vampires, zombies. Violence/sex towards children (not even implied). Religious or political plots.
  • No reprints including previously published online.
    No simultaneous submissions.
    No multiple submissions.
  • All stories should be 12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced and attached in either of the following file types: .DOC or .DOCX
  • Responses are usually sent within a month or so, but could take longer depending on the size of the submission pile.

If this sounds good, then carry on…