Jonathan Butcher

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Traumatised as a child by a blood-soaked night of murder and supernatural mayhem, James Tooth is an adult who fears his own bodily functions. It's perhaps unsurprising, because James is the brother of Kreb the Chocolateman, a faeces-obsessed part-human, part-demon who, after a long rest of 22 years, is ready to cause gruesome muck-streaked chaos once again. 

Beginning as a tale about a uniquely disgusting haunting, and ending with some of the most wretchedly creative gore you will ever experience, CHOCOLATEMAN is a novel of stomach-churning subject matter and bizarre body horror.

This is a different kind of "splatter" - and things are going to get messy!


”Jonathan Butcher is a horror author whose name suits him perfectly. His work is ferocious both in style and originality, stacking brutality on top of screaming buckets of gore. Witness the rise of an extreme horror icon.”Kristopher Triana, author of GONE TO SEE THE RIVER MAN, THE NIGHT STOCKERS


“Jonathan Butcher gleefully shits all over the notion of good taste and the limits of human anatomy in this darkly hilarious, vile odyssey, with characters every bit as realized as the myriad depravities within. Don't miss out on Browntime with Chocolateman!" Ryan Harding, author of GENITAL GRINDER, THE NIGHT STOCKERS, PANDEMONIUM