About The Evil Cookie

The Evil Cookie Publishing is the chaotic publishing house of Extreme Horror Author and Artist, K. Trap Jones. After a decade of writing extreme horror, Trap decided to throw his hat into the publishing ring of hell. 

The Evil Cookie Publishing is structured to specialize in creating high-quality, gore-infested, fast-paced novels/novellas and anthologies including some of the best writers in the industry.

Trap solo handles all aspects of the publishing process including submission reading, selection, editing, interior layout/formatting for all versions including paperback, kindle/ebook and hardcover, marketing, social media, promotion and royalty payments. Trap also hand draws unique high-quality covers for each book. Audiobooks are produced through ACX with narrators chosen by the author and publisher through auditions.

The Evil Cookie Publishing is a NO COST publisher. Meaning, the author pays for NOTHING… absolutely, NOTHING. Since Trap handles every step in the process, there are NO additional, hidden or secret costs for third-party editors, layout designers, cover artists, etc. Note: The only OPTIONAL cost is that the author can purchase unlimited quantities of their book at wholesale cost plus shipping. This includes anthologies as well. This option allows for the author to upsale for personal profit at conventions, signings, readings, etc.

Royalty payments are paid MONTHLY.

Since The Evil Cookie Publishing is operated by one person, the selection process is very slim and picky, but don’t let that deter you. 

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