• Title: DEAD & BLOATED - Extreme Horror Anthology
  • Editor: K. Trap Jones
  • Theme: Water, Extreme Horror, Splatterpunk, Dark Humor
  • Formats: Paperback, ebook
  • Short story MAX 3,000 WORD COUNT
  • No reprints
  • No simultaneous subs
  • No multiple subs
  • Nothing involving children and I’m not a fan of heavy religious or political plots.
  • Manuscript: 12pt font, double-spaced and as .DOC or .DOCX
  • Send as Attachment, not in body of email
  • PAYMENT: 3 cents per word + 1 paperback contributor copy with ability to purchase more at wholesale cost + shipping
  • RIGHTS: 1 year Exclusive English rights
  • Send stories to with subject line: BLOATED SUB: (story title) by (author name)
  • SUBMISSION PERIOD: August 1, 2022 — October 1, 2022
  • Responses usually within a month, but could be longer depending on size of sub pile.
  • Publish Date: Q1 2023
  • Anything sent before or after submission period will be ripped to shreds and flushed down the toilet.
  • NOTE: BE CREATIVE! Don’t just write about someone drowning. 



I am always on the lookout for unique, fast-paced, gory stories with the perfect blend of extreme horror, Splatterpunk and dark humor elements. Nothing involving children and I’m not a big fan of heavy political or religious plots. If you think you have something that falls within those categories, send me over the completed/finalized manuscript as an attachment (DOC or DOCX) to with the subject: Novel/Novella Sub: (title) by (name)

I use a basic contract offering 50/50 split on all royalties from paperback and ebook. 3 free paperback copies upon publication. The author can purchase unlimited additional copies at cost plus shipping. Rights: 3 year exclusive English worldwide. All other rights remain with author.