Novels / Novellas

Extreme Horror Indie Publisher - The Evil Cookie Publishing - Hardcore Horror - Splatterpunk - K. Trap JonesI am always on the lookout for unique, fast-paced, GORY stories. I’m not a big fan of heavy political or religious plots. If you think you have something I may like, send me over the completed manuscript as an attachment (DOC or DOCX) to with the subject: Novel/Novella Sub: (title) by (name) I usually respond back within a few weeks.

I use a basic contract offering 50/50 split on all royalties from paperback, kindle, hardcover, audiobook from Third Party Retailers. Royalties are paid Monthly after the initial 3-month period. Free three (3) paperback copies upon publication. Author can purchase unlimited additional copies at wholesale cost + shipping. Rights: 3 year exclusive English worldwide. All other rights remain with author.

Since The Evil Cookie Publishing is operated by one person, the selection process is very slim and picky, but don’t let that deter you. 


Novella: 25-40k words
Novel: 40k and above