C*unt Kick the Witch Bitch

C*unt Kick the Witch Bitch
Edward Lee

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Trophy-wife besties Doris, Janet, and Marj are living the good life. They’ve got it all -- rich lawyer husbands, big houses in an upscale neighborhood, fancy cars, shopping trips, Sunday brunches.

Lately, though, they’ve begun to suspect there’s trouble in paradise and the trouble's name is Isobel Rigby, the gothy, sexy young widow at the end of the block. When they each discover evidence their husbands are fooling around, who else could it be? More importantly, what do they do about it?

The obvious answer, of course: CUNT-KICK THE WITCH BITCH!

From the depraved minds of Edward Lee and Christine Morgan comes the collaboration the extreme horror community’s been clamoring for, a gory comedy blend of chick-flick and revenge porn sure to elicit all kinds of reactions.