Dirt Maul
James D. Mabe

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Misanthropy. Monstrosity. Morons.

The end of the world came suddenly and without warning, ruining an otherwise pleasant day off for billions of people. An incomprehensible, voracious evil has invaded the aisles of Duke’s Flea Market, spelling doom for the whole of humanity. But, as luck would have it, not even the apocalypse can go off without a hitch.

Thanks to a random act of accidental sabotage, mankind has been given a slim chance of survival. Unfortunately, the only people left standing against a weakened, but ever-growing eldritch horror also happen to be unreliable drunks. Still, intoxicated or not, they’re self-motivated small business owners, and there’s nothing more single-minded or obnoxious.

Will their bitter determination be enough to overcome an abomination from beyond time and space? Probably not. It’s basically a god, after all. But they can certainly annoy the hell out of it.

Dirt Maul is also available in Audiobook on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.