Christine Morgan

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—2022 Splatterpunk Award Nominated—

The guiltiest of guilty pleasures...

“You’ll be ashamed of yourself for loving this book that is stuffed to the gills with viscid hardcore horror, mocking outrage, and consummate smut. This is a Must-Have for all collectors of the depraved!”
–Edward Lee, author of THE BIGHEAD and HEADER  

Minotaur porn! Witches, angels, and demons! Ancient bat-gods! Brutal Viking nastiness! Hunger, perversion, and revenge! A freaky pumpkin-monster! All kinds of bodily fluids! Taboos broken while you wait!

Collecting several of Christine Morgan’s darkest and dirtiest works into one gloriously gooshy volume... Very NSFW and not the sort of thing decent people will want to be seen reading in public.

Horrorsmut is also available in Audiobook on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.