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Huber vacuum cleaners used to be all the rage back in the day!

C’mon, everyone and their grandma remembers ‘em! Advertised as the first artificially intelligent vacuum capable of cleaning a whole house without human aid, they were the hottest appliances this side of the Pacific! And everyone LOVED their commercials starring the adorable little cartoon Huber, whimsically zooming about and sucking up all trash in sight!

But just as quickly as they had appeared on the scene, the Hubers vanished from the public eye without a peep—models were recalled from store shelves, the commercials were no longer aired, and Huber was the next trendy fad damned to obscurity.

Now, Jimmy and his best pal Eddie happen to find an old Huber at a local yard sale! And with a lot of cleaning and sprucing up to do around the homestead before his house-warming party later, Jimmy purchases the vacuum, ready to bring ol’ Huber outta retirement! However, Huber has other plans… after all, there was a reason these vacuums were discontinued in the first place, and Jimmy, Eddie, and all of their friends are going to figure out why the bloody hard way. Cuz this party ain’t just gonna be wild, it’s gonna be…