Michael Louis Dixon

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It’s the time of the Midnight Sun, and out in the Chukchi Sea, northwest of Alaska, the Agloolik is on its maiden voyage. Glacial Petroleum’s state of the art drillship heads out to waters that were once solid pack ice. Now, with global temperatures rising and the ice receding, a whole new territory opens up for oil exploration. One of the core samples comes up withsomething that has been dormant for eons. Something black andrank. Something foul. Something SICK.

Brad Hayes, Glacial Petroleum’s district manager, has a feverand keeps hacking up lung oysters by the mouthful. He doesn’t remember when he’s ever been this SICK.

Brad doesn’t have time to rest though. The inhuman disaster on the Agloolik is beyond anything he’s ever experienced. The death and carnage are enough to make even the hardest oil roughneck SICK.

His career on the line, and his dreams of becoming a highly paid CEO about to die, Brad must act fast. Get ahead of the investigation. Control the narrative. How far is he willing to go to save his job? How low is he willing to go?

Things are about to get so, so SICK.


“If you’re looking for disgusting, disturbing, cringe-inducing body horror, I promise you—Michael Louis Dixon has you covered!” —
Jeff Strand, author of Benjamin’s Parasite

“Michael Louis Dixon's novella gradually infects you... it gestates... and then it erupts in an orgy of insane body horror! One minute you're perfectly normal, the next.... SICK!”
Ryan Harding, Splatterpunk-winning author of Transcendental Mutilation and Genital Grinder

“Isolation plus infection plus escalation... SICK more than lives up to its title, and then some!” —
Christine Morgan, author of Lakehouse Infernal

“SICK is an appropriately gut-wrenching book for these gut-wrenching times. Dixon is riding high on Splatterpunk'scurrent wave and doing some of the nastiest tricks!” —
Lucas Mangum, author of Saint Sadist and Gods of the Dark Web


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