Temples, Tombs & Terrors

Temples, Tombs & Terrors
Christine Morgan

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Walk like an Egyptian…
...to meet an old woman who creates servants for the afterlife;
...with an obsessed modern-day thief pulling a daring museum heist;
...alongside warriors of darkness confronting a monotheistic sun-cult.

Greece is the word…
...as Athenian prostitutes advertise their services in a unique manner;
...when the Trojan War involves gods of a very different pantheon.

Rome if you want to…
...see how far an empress will go to secure her childrens’ legacy;
...visit an omen-reader faced with inexplicable dire portents.

Explore twisted history, myth-meets-Mythos, and more in this journey through Christine Morgan’s
TEMPLES, TOMBS & TERRORS: Tales of Ancient Times