The Bucket List
Mark Towse

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A raging storm and a bed and breakfast off the beaten path. Three couples looking to cross things off their bucket lists. A night of puns, quips, and brutal violence, hosted by the sweet, mad, elderly couple: Marge and Alby.

If you're a fan of Horror/comedy, give this one a go and cross it off your bucket list. But be warned, there will be blood. Buckets of it.


“Towse & Healy take the lovely charm of a quaint bed and breakfast, staff it with an elderly couple with peculiar tendencies, add several wayward guests, then unleash a night of blood-soaked terror upon them. Incredibly well-written, expertly paced, and filled with perfectly plausible reasons to NOT put a bed and breakfast on your Bucket List.” -Candace Nola, author of Bishop

The Bucket List is also available in Audiobook on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.