The Drunken Exorcist
K. Trap Jones

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Think you know something about exorcisms? You don’t know Schnitt!

Fresh on probation for his unconventional methods of handling exorcisms, Father Schnitt is burdened to describe his encounters with the possessed. With brutal honesty and nothing to hide, the rogue Father details his procedures for extraction and his arsenal of weaponry including a crucifix, shotguns, and machetes. Last, but not least, whiskey is not only the Father’s cause of addiction, but also serves as his greatest weapon and ally.

“Exorcisms are like removing nails from a piece of wood. Some of them comeout nice and clean, but there are always a few stubborn ones that requiremore effort. As you dig and grind to reach the stuck nail, the piece ofwood becomes ruined. That’s where I come in, when things turn to ruin.”– Father Schnitt


"The Drunken Exorcist manages to hit the equivalent of a horror hat-trick; it's engrossing, it's funny, and it's terrifying."

"You want to talk bat-shit crazy? You want to talk K. Trap Jones', The Drunken Exorcist." - Horror Novel Reviews

"The Drunken Exorcist is a high-paced adventure fought for murky reasons by deviant means. The story is tense, dark and moves so fast that you'll be done reading this novella before you're ready for it to end. It's no wonder K. Trap Jones has amassed the many accolades and publishing successes that adorn his portfolio for the man is a writer with few equals.”
-Mass Movement Magazine

"Trap is a savvy writer: he knows how to grab readers and how to keep them. The Drunken Exorcist is fun and funny and a thoroughly enjoyable read."

"This was one hell of a fun read, with a fantastic main character, unique/original storyline, and the perfect blend of wit and terror. Plenty of action and coolness in this one." -David Bernstein (Author of Machines of the Dead)

The Drunken Exorcist is also available in Audiobook on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.