The Fabulous Miss Fortune

The Fabulous Miss Fortune
Jessica Gleason

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Meet Peggy Lee, a small town midwestern girl from a devout suburban home. When a carnival comes to town, Peggy Lee is enchanted by the glitter and bright lights. Wanting more than her safe controlled life, she joins the troupe as "Miss Fortune." Unfortunately, Peggy Lee is neither creative or worldly enough to be good at the job. Fueled by her first drink of alcohol and an encounter with a sexually gifted clown, Peggy Lee decides the only way to make her predictions come true is to maim and kill her customers. Death will always come if you’re the one wielding it.

Thirty five years later, meet Isabella, Ethan, and Lucas, 10-year olds with a proclivity for killing small animals. As they grow and change, no longer excited by bloody animals, they escalate and decide to team up in killing their first human, an old woman.