The Filthy Marauders
Bob Freville

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The Filthy Marauders motorcycle club is heading down South to steal some loot, drink some hooch, and have themselves a hoot at the Annual Hilljack Games, but their rivals have another game in mind. After a night of partying hard on the muddy banks of Delacroix County, these surly bikers will find themselves in a sticky situation, as friends and enemies conspire to pit them against a pack of ferocious animals in the grossest bloodsport ever conceived by man.

Feathers will fly and bikers will die in The Filthy Marauders, a fowl tale of biker brutality from Bob Freville, author of the Godless best-seller The Proud & the Dumb.

Featuring two bonus short stories: Stuffing and The Pink Sock


"This book is the greatest bikersploitation movie never made. Holy hell, Bob Freville is one sick fuck. Gleefully crass. Delightfully vulgar. Sleazy and violent and full of a bunch of really weirdshit you probably didn't see coming. The Filthy Marauders ... one helluva ride." - Danger Slater, author of Impossible James

The Filthy Marauders is also available in Audiobook on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.