Welcome to SoFlo

Welcome to SoFlo
Lucas Milliron

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Florida ain’t all about beaches and magical mice. Come to the glades with us, off the beaten path to the places in Florida you ought not go. Fight through herds of angry manatees, dodge bugs the size of Cadillacs, and avoid Aliens beaming down off the Bermuda triangle. From meth gators to death cults, there’s more to the home state of Mar-A-Lago than meets eye.

Welcome to SoFlo is a collection of 13 short stories by Lucas Milliron sure to show you the dark side of sunshine state. Featuring a broad spectrum of horror, from the comical to the cosmic, these stories drip with chaos and bloodshed. So pull up a lawn chair and slip on your koozie, cause we’re going people watching right here in South Florida!